Age 3-5 years

When: Sunday Morning (term time only)

Time: 11.15-11.45am
Where: Epsom, Surrey

Age 6-7 years

When: Sunday Morning (term time only)

Time: 10.20-11.00am
Epsom, Surrey

Age 7+ years

When: Sunday Morning (term time only)

Time: 9.30-10.10am
Epsom, Surrey

We offer 3 junior netball classes in Surrey:


Class details:

Netball comes in rules of 3 at Mini Netters and we teach the children rules in a simple, easy to follow method. These easy to remember rules aim to enhance children's development in language, cognitive and movement milestones.


What each class will cover:

  •  Team games and development 

  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills

  • Netball specific drills and practices

  • Small-sided games

  • Confidence and communication growth

  • Agility and co-ordination 

  • But most importantly... LOTS & LOTS OF FUN!​


Our Junior netball club beliefs:


Listen & respect -
not only is it important for our juniors to learn to communicate with others, but also to listen to both coaches and teammates within the club.

Be kind -
At Mini Netters we are all about inclusion, friendship and positivity, this is why being kind is one of the clubs most important values.

Have fun!
Come down to our junior club in Surrey and find out why this belief is most important.


Want to... try before you buy? Book a free taster session today! 








Class details
If you would like further information on the junior classes or availability please call our Head Office on: 07592545518 or Email

Mini Netters Club - Epsom, Surrey

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